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I'm just getting up to speed with NHibernate 3.2 and its "mapping by code" feature, and migrating our Fluent mapping over to it. Is there an equivalent of the fluent "ReadOnly();" function, to make the entire mapping read only? Thanks in advance.

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Use Mutable(false) in the mapping.

Read this post for corresponding hbm file mapping from where I could infer this.

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For those looking for this in fluent you are looking for ReadOnly() as below:

public class FooMap : ClassMap<Foo> {

    public FooMap() {


            .KeyProperty(x => x.ID, "ID")
            .KeyProperty(x => x.Year, "Year");
        Map(x => x.FirstField).Column("FirstField").Length(1);
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Use PropertyMapper action to define access style:

public class EntityMapping : ClassMapping<Entity>
     public EntityMapping()
         Id(m => m.Id, map => map.Generator(Generators.HighLow));
         Property(m => m.Name, map => map.Access(Accessor.ReadOnly));
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