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I guess this is an easy thing for eclipse experts - unfortunately, I am not that good yet to find the solution myself. I tried to use "Configure Build Path" but really don't know how.

I got an android demo project which is saved in two sub-folders. In folder structure is as follows:


the file Class1 from demo_main references and uses classes from extraPackage like this:

import a.b.R; import a.b.widget.WidgetClass1;

How can I create a project in eclipse with these files so that the references match and that I can run the project using eclipse.

Many thanks

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I think you need to create a blank Android project first, then use the File -> Import option from the menu and import from filesystem, which basically copies the resources into the project you just created.

This is the dialog of the File|Import option

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thanks that helped alot and put me in the right direction - also one needs to try "New Project" -> "Create Project from existing source". This will create the project and set all the references correctly – user387184 Oct 6 '11 at 19:52

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