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I'd like clients to see my desktop through a web app. They just need to see a real-time view of my desktop, they need not "interact" with it.

In line with it, perhaps also a webcam/voice stream to go with it.

So my website will contain the following: 1. My Desktop 2. My face (through webcam) 3. My voice (through a mic)

My personal skill set are mostly .NET (asp.net/c#) but I can get some help from my team for WPF/Silverlight. Any ideas on how to start with this?

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For the mic and camera access, check this out: Accessing Web Camera and Microphone

The desktop sharing part is not as straightforward as the other features. Check out these links:

You'll need to run in OOB mode with elevated trust in order to interact with a COM object which will be responsible for the screen capturing.

You could make two different applications: one for the presenter that requires more privileges, and another one for the clients, which would run as a simple web app.

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