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I have an HTML page opened in a WebView in my Android app. But that page is not auto-sized to fit in the WebView, hence some part of the page does not show up there in the WebView. I want that, when an HTML page is opened in a WebView, the whole page must fit in the WebView. I have gone through other related questions and I have tried them, but it did not work for me.
I have added these lines to WebView:


but nothing happened, is there any other way of implementing this thing? Help is always appreciated.

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did you code your html page by Using HTML 5 ?? – Houcine Oct 6 '11 at 10:27
@Houcine yes, the page is HTML 5, Now whats the issue if you can explain or suggest a solution ..???? – Usama Sarwar Oct 6 '11 at 13:07

This works with me:

WebView myWebView = (WebView) findViewById(;




If this code doesn't work for you, try to use it in new project.

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