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How can compare each a from content json_encode that inserted in database with a string as shorthand code without use loop? (this values was checkbox that inserted in database with json_encode)


$json_encode = ["how", "are", "hello", "what"];

echo ($json_encode == 'hello') ? 'It is true' :'';
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Can you clarify, I've read the question a few times but Im afraid it isnt too clear what you specifically want –  SW4 Oct 6 '11 at 9:45
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The code is a little bit of a 'round a bout' way of doing things but this should do the trick:

$json_encode = '["how", "are", "hello", "what"]';    
echo ( in_array('hello', json_decode($json_encode)) ? 'It is true' :'' );

Your initial $json_encode isnt setup correctly as a proper JSON string, and required decoding to use the array checking functionality later on.

A better approach maybe:

$json_string = json_encode(array("how", "are", "hello", "what"));
echo ( in_array('hello', json_decode($json_string )) ? 'It is true' :'' );
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try with in_array() function:

$json_encode = ["how", "are", "hello", "what"];

echo ( in_array('hello', $json_encode) ? 'It is true' :'' );
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