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When I fire a async call to a server, I receive the base64 data of a PDF file (binary data). I want to convert this base64 data to binary and give the user as a file from browser side. I found downloadify for downloading. But I am still stuck with the part to convert base 64 encoded data to binary data in JS

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Even if you converted the base64 data to binary in javascript (and I find it extremely strange that a server would even do that - just send the binary data in the first place), you will not be able to generate a download link in javascript.

So there is no point in writing the conversion code.

Have the server send the binary data directly with the proper Content-Type: and Content-Disposition: headers.

You may even be able to add the Content-Encoding: base64 header and the browser will convert it on its own.

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Why convert ? ;) Just serve your link as data:application/pdf;base64, and then you base64 encoded pdf.

Will not work in old IE, of course. But should work in most modern browsers.


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