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public class MyClass{
   public String elem1;
   public int elem2;
   public MyType elem3;

MyClass object1=new MyClass();
MyClass object2=new MyClass();

What I want is something like


where it will dynamically traverse all members on MyClass and run this on every member

if(object1.elem != object2.elem && object2.elem!=null)

Is such a mechanism exist in Java?

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use reflection. go over fields of class. Psuedo:

Field[] fields = aClass.getFields();
for (Field field : fields) {
     // get value
     Object value = field.get(objectInstance);
     // check the values are different, then update 
     field.set(objetInstance, value);    

and match the values. if they differ, then update the value.

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You could write such a method yourself using reflection (start with Class.getFields()), but there's no tool that does this in the standard APIs.

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An option that is more efficient than Reflection would be to store the fields in a map:

Map<String, Object> fields;

void merge(MyClass other){
    for (String fieldName : fields.keys()){
        Object thisValue = this.fields.get(key);
        Object otherValue = other.fields.get(key);
        if (thisValue != otherValue && otherValue != null){

                this.fields.put(fieldName, otherValue);

This would make the merge more efficient but would make general field access less efficient.

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Yes, it is possible and it is called Reflection.

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There is nothing built in. However you might want to have a look at Dozer. Maybe with some tweaking it will be capable of doing this.

You can also do this using reflection (which is what Dozer does).

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