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I'm using Backbone.js for MVC.

Inside my Model.set() method I'd like to wait for data to be loaded before triggering change events.

set() {
   create changed attributes ... then:
   dataHelper.load(changedAttributes, stabilizeModel)

stabilizeModel() {
   now set changedAttributes on model ...
   ... and trigger change events

What would be a proper way for the stabilizeModel method to:
1) have access to the changedAttributes
2) have the correct scope (being called as a callback from the "dataHelper")

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I am having a real hard time understanding exactly what you want to do. Can you show us some actual code to illustrate the problem you are having? –  Brian Genisio Oct 6 '11 at 14:29
I don't understand what you would load when a property of the model was changed. Please update the question with more details. It seems like you're potentially using it incorrectly. –  fearphage Dec 3 '11 at 15:04

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I don't think you should be attempting to override model.set(). Instead you should just leverage it:

function load() {
    var attr_to_load = { ... }; 
    var attr = dataHelper.load(attr_to_load );

I'd need more information to give you anything better.

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