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I write my own component and do ordering but this do not work good. For example. We have 2 category with structure: category a have items -1a -2a -3a category b have items -1b -2b -3b Now my odering sort all rows from 1 to 6 and do not see different category (but rows see correctly and -1b i can only down, but row have position 4, but this is not correct becouse this position must be 1 becouse it is first row in category b) How fix this error? I write my own saveorder in controller, but no changes

      $groupings = array();

       $cid   = JRequest::getVar( 'cid');
      $order= JRequest::getVar( 'order');

      // update ordering values
      foreach ($cid as $i=>$id)  {
         $row->load( $id[$i] );
         // track categories
         $groupings[] = $row->category;

         if ($row->ordering != $order[$i])
            $row->ordering = $order[$i];
            if (!$row->store()) {
               return false;

      // execute updateOrder for each parent group
      $groupings = array_unique( $groupings );
      foreach ($groupings as $group){
         $row->reorder("category = '".$group."'");

      $msg    = 'New ordering saved';
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It's really hard to understand what you're saying, your English is pretty poor. Perhaps lay out your question a bit more graphically. Like, you have the examples: a-1a-2a-3a b-1b-2b-3b, and ordered from 1 to 6. But that looks like 8 possibilities to me, not 6? Or do you mean 'a' and 'b' are cats, with '1a', '2a' etc being sub-cats? –  KingJackaL Oct 6 '11 at 22:28
parent category is a and b and this category have items 1a, 2a, 3a and 1b,2b,3b Position must be 1a-pos 1, 2a-pos 2,3a-pos 3,1b- pos1,2b-pos2,3b-pos 3. But now i have 1a-pos 1, 2a-pos 2,3a-pos 3,1b- pos4,2b-pos5,3b-pos 6. And Joomla do not see what the items have different category –  user982125 Oct 7 '11 at 6:34

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@user982125 This looks like Joomla 1.5 but I´m not sure. For which version did you wish to implement that?

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