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In VB6 selecting a tool to add to a form then holding down shift while you clicked the locations you wanted would add multiple copies of that item instead of requiring you to re-select the tool you wanted to add each time. I miss nothing else about VB6 except that.

Is there a way to make Visual Studio behave like that? When you're adding a string of radio buttons, or a collection of check boxes, it's a pain to have to reselect the tool itself repeatedly.

Keep toolbox selection in Visual Studio 2010 asks a similar question, but I don't care if it's inherent in Visual Studio, or an add-on. I'd even consider paying for such an add-on. Copy and paste works, but is a pain and doesn't let you place it.

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Hold down Ctrl instead of Shift while dropping, Escape to cancel. –  Hans Passant Oct 6 '11 at 13:04

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Well, you can add one, then hold Ctrl down while selecting and dragging it to 'clone' it.

Just be aware that it will also copy the event handler bindings.

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wow, sweet, thanks! –  Christopher Pfohl Oct 6 '11 at 14:29

Holding down <Ctrl> when you draw the object causes the control entry to stay selected for the next one. The last one drawn without <Ctrl> unselects the entry.

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