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I am running a local git repository and want to clone the remote SVN trunk. This works fine but the trunk/ part of the folder is left off. The remote repository is too large to just clone or fetch the whole thing with branches etc.

I need the path correct for our code review tool.

How can I do a git-svn that only clones a certain trunk/branch but keeps the path intact?


Selecting the Trunk option has the local path of


I need it to be


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How do you initialize git-svn repository now? –  the.malkolm Oct 9 '11 at 22:50
git svn init svn://path/trunk then git svn fetch -rxxxx since the repository is so big. Also tried using the gui with trunk/branch selected etc. –  Kenoyer130 Oct 10 '11 at 13:45
anyway Im not sure what the question is all about but probably you want to look into .git/config file and get some idea how to add extra svn clones –  the.malkolm Oct 11 '11 at 22:45

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The way I have been doing this is

svn init -T svn://path/to/trunk
svn git fetch

I have also been using the -r option to git fetch to avoid fetching history from all eternity. You can also add back in branches/tags in to .git/config, this is documented in the git-svn manpage.

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  1. (Not sure about this but it's the easiest solution) You could just move the directory folders into a new folder trunk. Git won't mind and other tools will find the path you want.
  2. You could do a git svn init svn://path/trunk trunk
  3. Also check the --ignore-patch option of git svn fetch
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