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I have a url that is created from a 3des function. The webserver should decrypt this url and grab the parameters it needs.

However, the decrypt function is failing due to a plus sign in the string, the webserver (iis7, also on iis5) is reading this as a space.

I understand this is by design but is there any way to disable it? I've added the following line into my web.config but to no avail!

        <requestFiltering allowDoubleEscaping="true" />


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You need to urlencode the string before you use it. the plus will be encoded as %2b. & javascript both have functions to allow you to do this.

alternatively & less reliably do the opposite & look for spaces & put a + back in when you find one.

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Ah! This crossed my mind earlier but I dismissed it for some reason. Out of interest, why is it that I don;t need to decode after I've done the encode? It works with just the encrypt > encode > decrypt. Many thanks! – ajguk Oct 6 '11 at 15:10 helpfully decodes the urls for you. which is why you need to encode in the first place. – Simon Halsey Oct 6 '11 at 16:23

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