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I have the read_stream access from user, I want to award him some points if he shares one of my pages' post. Now I have Claim Point button so I can crawl his posts, and I want to check if he has shared my page's post (using Share link of Facebook, near Comment and Like ). I had an Idea, if someone shares others' post it appears as a link, so I tried to match the link with my page's link, but if its a Facebook link (or post like status, note) then url form below FQL returns null. Same happens with Graph API (link doesn't appear).

select url,link_id,title from link where owner=me()

It works fine if its an external link (which is not helpful for me).

So what's the problem here? And I am open to other ideas, to check if user has shared my post.

Any help is appreciated.

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I have found a solution. Normal calls don't return Shared Posts' links at all. But Feed returns, so crawling feed makes my task done.


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Nice way but will only work in Graph API 1.0

Some test in the Graph explorer looks quite clean


Now parse the link if it contains the Page ID or your domain . If the last 100 post have more than one share from the page he get ranked up or some Superpoints .

Thank you Usman for the hint in the right direction

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Is it possible to get the ID of the original post, if I have the ID of the post that shared the original post? – Astrount Jan 7 at 7:36

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