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I want to delay this function


    function simple_tooltip(target_items, name){
            $("body").append("<div class='"+name+"' id='"+name+i+"'><p>"+$(this).attr('title')+"</p></div>");
            var my_tooltip = $("#"+name+i);

                    my_tooltip.css({opacity:0.8, display:"none"}).fadeIn(1000);
                    my_tooltip.css({left:kmouse.pageX+15, top:kmouse.pageY+15});



<a class="news_toltip" href="" title="Title">Link</a>

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possible duplicate of Jquery delay on function – davidcondrey Jul 19 '14 at 2:00

Take a look at setTimeout()

var delay = 1000; // one second
}, delay);
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Here a blog entry that explains this code :… – David Laberge Oct 6 '11 at 13:30

You can use this for whatever function you want:

setTimeout('simple_tooltip("a.news_toltip","tooltip")', delayTimeYouWant)

while delayTimeYouWant is in millisecond: (1000 means 1 second)

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Have you looked at Javascript's setTimeout?

Depending on what you want to delay (this isn't entirely clear from your question), you could either put it around a specific fadeIn/Out call or around the call to the tooltip function itself.

setTimeout( function_name, timeout_in_ms );
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