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I am trying to generate reports with SQL Server Report Builder (my first time ever)

And I have a list with this fields: name, order, weight, temp

Sometimes the field order has no value. And I want to filter the rows where order has no value!

With kind regards Marco

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Are you using a dataset that has a query that you defined? If so you could base your query on the filter input. So for instance you could add a parameter to your Report Builder Report that passes in a value to your query (All, ,NotMissingOrder).

So the below takes in a param passed in from the report "@FilterParam" which as a value of NotMissingOrder if the filter is selected. This would exclude those records where Order doesn't have a value from the output. You could set the default value of the param to = 'All' So that otherwise everything would be returned:

Select *
From Table t
Where(isnull(t.Order,'MissingOrder') = @FilterParam
      @FilterParam = 'All')
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Why you triyng to do it in the report builder ? in the SQL management studio, you can simply run the followsin query: SELECT name, order, weight, temp FROM yourTable WHERE order is null – Gil Peretz Jan 21 '13 at 14:03

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