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Is there a way to capture a mouse hover and stay (for a while) event but not if the mouse is passing by the element. So the event will be fired only when you hover and stay.

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you can trigger a setTimeout with the onmouseover event and clear it (if needed) onmouseout. Try it and tell us if you need more help (with your code) –  JMax Oct 6 '11 at 13:44

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You can use setTimeout to create a delay before executing whatever code you need to, and clearTimeout to cancel the timer when the mouse leaves the element:

var timer;
$("#example").mouseover(function() {
    timer = setTimeout(function() {
       console.log("time passed");
    }, 1000); 
}).mouseout(function() {

Here's a working example of the above.

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Yes, a plugin exists for it. I use it in almost all of my hover code:

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There is the hoverIntent plugin designed just for this.

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Look into using a javascript timer, starts counting when mouse over. When the mouse leaves, stop the timer. The timer can trigger an event, if the mouse off/leave never occurs, the timer will set off your hover/stay function.

Probably JQuery pluggins for this as well.

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On mouseenter a timer will start after 500ms yourFunction will be call
If the user leave before your delay, the timer will be cleared, so the function won't be called.

    mouseenter: function() {
        t=setTimeout(function(){ yourFunction() }, 500); 
    }, mouseleave: function() {

Hope this help :)

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