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I have a page with this structure:

topbar (100% width) sidebar content

i want the sidebar to fill all the remaining space of the screen in height.

I've tried with height: 100% in my css but doesn't work.

How can i do this? There is a way to do it using css or i have to use Javascript?

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Please can you post the code? – KryptoniteDove Oct 6 '11 at 13:45
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To achieve this you need make sure the sidebar's parent containers have heights of 100%, too.

So, if you have a sidebar div, you have the body container, and the html container.

html, body, #sidebar { height: 100%; }
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perfect, it works but there is a problem: the topbar is fixed so the body as a 40px padding: adding 100% to the height of body, html, contenitor make the page have the scrollbar, there is a way to avoid it? – Matteo Pagliazzi Oct 6 '11 at 15:04

Have you set the height of body height to 100% too? If not it won't fill up the rest of the page.

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