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Is String a Primitive type or Object in Javascript? Source says Undefined, Null, Boolean, Number and String are all primitive types in Javascript. But it says String is a Object too confused can someone please explain?

Thankyou in advance ;-)

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It's both. :-) . – RobG Oct 6 '11 at 13:45


There is a String object and there are string literals.

You can call any string method on a literal and you can call any string method on a string object.

The major difference is that a string object generates a new object so new String("foo") !== new String("foo")

That and a String object is type "object" and not "string"

How to check for both?

if(typeof(s) == "string" || s instanceof String){
  //s is a string (literal or object)

Credits to @Triynko for the snippet in the comments

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And don't forget "string" instanceof String is false, whereas new String() instanceof String is true. So to check whether some variable s is a string, you'd have to check whether typeof(s) == "string" || s instanceof String – Triynko Aug 10 '13 at 9:36

JavaScript has both primitive and object Strings.

> var foo = "foo"
> var bar = new String("bar");
> foo
> bar
> typeof foo
> typeof bar
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var a = "string"; 
typeof a    // yields "string" 

var a = new String('string'); 
typeof a   // yields "object" 
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