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What's the easiest way to pre-fill a shopping cart in Magento?

There is the CartController on the Checkout route, which has an "add" method, allowing you to do stuff like:


But what to do when you need more items in the cart? There is an "addGroup" method, but that only takes into account previous order lines.

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I was actually planning on answering this myself, but my reputation doesn't allow me yet :D If anyone answers with my own idea, I'll reward him/her ;) – Grimace of Despair Oct 6 '11 at 14:22
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When digging into the Checkout/CartController/addAction, there appears to be an argument "related_product". It enables you to do this:


Downsides are you only get a message about the main product added, and for the related products you cannot specify quantities. Upside is, you can populate a cart like this with several items at once without even touching Magento code.

If you want to add more items of the same, just repeat the id in the array

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Is there an extension to do this? and activate maybe als a coupon code? – snh_nl Mar 10 at 8:06

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