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I'm using "MyPage" plugin for Trac.

I have figured out it is useful to store SSH keys on my private page as an attachment, so I can clone my GIT repository from any computer. Then I have our found that any user who can view a History tab, can see the content of the attachment :/

Any idea how to secure this thing?

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With 'history tab' you mean '/timeline'? –  hasienda Oct 7 '11 at 20:12

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Since in general this is meant as a feature, you'd like to just block one or several specific attachments from common view.

If this is true, TracFineGrainedPermissions is for you. Then you'll be able to have something like

killdaclick = ATTACHMENT_VIEW

to just deny access to the specific file to anyone but yourself. Have a look at the FineGrainedPageAuthzEditorPlugin for a alternative way to define these permission (from the web-UI instead of direct access to the authz file).

You'll certainly think twice about granting permission 'TRAC_ADMIN' - just a hint that these user can edit the file and possibly circumvent any restriction. But 'TRAC_ADMIN' will have 'ATTACHMENT_VIEW' anyway.

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