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What i am trying to do is pass $rest->apikey to my Zend_Rest_Server. The empAction creates the array needed by my Zend_Rest_Server. But in getByShortname($id,$apikey), I cannot read the $apikey. They query to check the API key does not return any results.

$rest = new Zend_Rest_Client('http://localhsot/api/emp');
$result = $rest->get();
var_dump($result); //should work

//For Emp method--> api/emp
//... rest of code ...
public function empAction() 
    require_once 'EmprestServer.php';

    $params = $this->_getAllParams();


    $param_keys = array_keys($params);
    if($param_keys[0]=='id') {
        $request = array('method' => 'getById');
    } else if($param_keys[0]=='shortname') {
        $request = array('method' => 'getByShortname');

    foreach($param_keys AS $key) {
        $request[$key] = $filter_params[$key]; //need to filter key
        //need better checking
        if(!$request[$key]) {
            throw new Exception($request[$key].' contained invalid data.');

I am able to generate this array using the code prior to this line...
    $request = array();
    $request['method']    = 'getByShortname';
    $request['shortname'] = 'wdelrosa';
    $request['apikey']    = '1234';

    $server = new Zend_Rest_Server();
//... rest of code ...
//The Class
class EmprestServer
    public function getByShortname($shortname,$apikey)
        $emp = new Employee();
        $data = array();

        /** PROBLEM **/
        /** I can't access $apikey WHY? Any ideas? **/

        if(!$this->checkKey($apikey)) {
            throw new Exception('Key is invalid.');

        if(!$data = $emp->getEmployeeByShortname($shortname)) throw new Exception('Employee ID not found.');
        $data = $data->toArray();
        return $data;

UPDATE: this seems to work. I get a valid XML output with this


But if i use the Zend_Rest_Client above, the apikey is not read.

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I think you missed some code. Where is the id for the getByShortname coming from? Doesn't that need to be $shortname? – Peter Smit Apr 20 '09 at 10:31
I have editted the getByEmployee($id) to getByEmployeeByShortname($shortname)... where $shortname is passed in the function – wenbert Apr 20 '09 at 11:00
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Source: Section 44.2.3. Request Arguments

$client = new Zend_Rest_Client('');


// or


Both of the methods in the example above, will result in the following get args:


You will notice that the first call of


resulted in both

method=arg&arg1=value1 and arg=value1;

this is so that Zend_Rest_Server can understand the request properly, rather than requiring pre-existing knowledge of the service.


$rest = new Zend_Rest_Client('');
$rest->getById(); //this was not here before. This made it work!
$result = $rest->get();
if($result->status()=='success') {
    echo $result->emp_id() .' '. $result->emp_shortname().' '. $result->status();
} else {
    echo $result->response().' '.$result->status();

would work!

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