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Is there a Drupal module that allows me to put my user account information at the top right corner?

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Logintoboggan has a "Logged in as xyz | Log out" block, but if you can put it in the header depends a bit on the theme you're using.

Also, the admin menu module provides something similar, though only for admins.

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Write it yourself... it's not that hard... Just take the hook_block, read it's documentation and implement this in your module. I assume your site has a dedicated module.

For more information read the hook_block documentation here: http://api.drupal.org/api/function/hook_block

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Note that since this is a "look" question, this is best handled at the theme layer:

  1. implement hook block to create a block with this information structure as you want it, in your site module, or create a custom block admin/block
  2. customize your theme so that is has a region at this location
  3. place the block in that region
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