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And is it possible to add a ballon tool tip like the one in windows in website. I want to display 3 tables as tooltip which when I give it in a text box doesn't align and I would Like to have some ideas and suggestions about how to implement it.

  1. add text to menu.
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Is uinavigationbar a product, a custom control, what? I would imagine setting the Text and ToolTip properties, though, would do the trick. – Grant Thomas Oct 6 '11 at 15:30
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        Menu mainmenu = new Menu();
        MenuItem NavigationMenu = new MenuItem();
        NavigationMenu.Text = "This is a text";
        NavigationMenu.NavigateUrl = "../somepage.aspx";
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NavigationMenu.Items.Add(new MenuItem
             Text= "This is my text",
             ToolTip= "This is my tooltip"
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