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Does anyone out there have an .lldbinit file they can share? It would be really useful to see a few commands defined, just to understand the syntax.

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Go to and search for lldbinit to find files, cheers... – user1135541 Sep 16 '15 at 15:31

Check out the examples in the lldb repository:

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Another examples can be found on GitHub One of few from

# wish lldb supported colors :/
settings set prompt [lldb]$

# breakpoint shortcuts
# break on function/method/selector: b -n name
# break on C/C++ method: b -M method
# break on selector: b -S selector:here:
# break on address: b -a 0xfeedface
command alias b breakpoint set
command alias bd breakpoint disable
command alias be breakpoint enable
command alias bdel breakpoint delete
command alias bcommand breakpoint command add
command alias commands breakpoint command list

# jump aliases
# jump 0xfeedface
command alias jump register write pc
command alias jmp register write pc
command alias j register write pc

# fix p/s
# p/s rsi
command alias p/s register read

# fscript (cbf to fix fscript anywhere)
command alias f_init p (char)[[NSBundle bundleWithPath:@"/Library/Frameworks/FScript.framework"] load]
command alias f_start p (void)[FScriptMenuItem insertInMainMenu]

command alias return thread return
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