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I've gziped my JavaScript file using gzip and uploaded it to Amazon S3. I've set the following:

content-type: application/x-javascript
content-encoding: gzip

The file was given public permissions.

The problem that when I refer the script to the location (correct one, I've checked) of the gzipped file (with js.gzip at the end), the application doesn't run it. When I tried to view the file in Chrome browser, it tried to download the file instead of showing it.

What I'm doing wrong?

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According to one answer of a similar question, there's a bug in Safari (probably Webkit) which stops proper gzip acceptance with the "wrong" file extension.

File extension shouldn't matter, but apparently Webkit screws it up. try either .jgz or .gz.js.

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Try to remove:

content-type: application/x-javascript

and only use:

content-encoding: gzip

in your S3 bucket file.js file (gziped, replace .js.gz for .js only).
Now the browser request should work without any problem.

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