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The documentation provides the following syntax:

{% video url/to/video [width height] [url/to/poster] %}

I created /source/videos/test.mp4 and made a call to it like this:

{% video /videos/test.mp4 %}

I get the videoplayer to appear loaded on the web page (the first screen image did not load), but when the play button is pressed the following error is generated:

Video not found or access denied: /videos/test.mp4 

Changing the url to source/videos/test.mp4 and even the complete path from ~/ did not solve the issue.

There is no documentation to set the video path in the config.rb file but I did the following with no success:

videos_dir = "source/videos"

Also, using the example provided in the documentation worked fine, but this used a call to http:// and I'd like to call a file in an application directory.

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I got the plugin to work, but not under localhost:4000. For reasons I don't comprehend, the plugin works with pow, but not with rake preview

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due to the dynamic nature of this project, it was probably better to post this on the issues page of its github home. –  Milktrader Oct 11 '11 at 16:01

You can use apache, with apache works without problems.

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