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I am using VS2008.I have following script on Post-build event command line.

mkdir ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries

copy *.Manifest.xml ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries

copy $(TargetName).dll ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries
if exist $(TargetName).XML copy $(TargetName).XML ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries
if exist $(TargetName).pdb copy $(TargetName).pdb ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries
if exist $(TargetFileName).config copy $(TargetFileName).config ..\..\..\..\..\..\bin\Modules\Libraries

This copies the files after each build. It is taking a long time to build because it copies all the files after each build. I just want to copy files if the file has changed after build so that it doesn't have to copy all the files and it saves build time. Is there a way to do that.

Thanks in advance.


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if you change the copy to xcopy /D it will copy only newer files. You may need to add additional flags as well to get otherwise equivalent behavior. Check copy /? and xcopy /? from the command line if you need more.

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