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I've cobbled together a slideshow with fade transitions from a tutorial but would like to modify it to allow multiple slideshows on the same page.

How do I go about this... really not sure where to start...

Thanks :)

// Global: slideshow with clickable thumbnails
jQuery("#large_images li").each(function(index, element){jQuery(element).attr("class", 'hide');});
jQuery("#large_images li").each(function(index, element){jQuery(element).attr("id", 'img'+index);});
jQuery("#thumbs span a").each(function(index, element){jQuery(element).attr("rel", 'img'+index);});
jQuery("#thumbs span a").first().addClass('selected');

var mainImg ='img0';
var displayed = 'img0';

imageHeight1= jQuery('#'+mainImg).children('img').attr("height") + "px";
    height: imageHeight1
}, 0 ); // how long the animation should be

jQuery('#img0').css('display', 'inline');

jQuery('#thumbs span a').click (function(){                                
    mainImg = jQuery(this).attr('rel');
    if(mainImg != displayed){

        // remove class from last clicked thumbnail
        // add class to current thumbnail

        imageHeight= jQuery('#'+mainImg).children('img').attr("height") + "px";
            height: imageHeight
          }, 300 ); // how long the animation should be

        jQuery('#'+mainImg).fadeIn('', function(){
            displayed = mainImg;
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IMHO, best way is to make a jQuery plugin :) –  Rifat Oct 6 '11 at 18:58
lol, um, thanks –  3stripe Oct 6 '11 at 19:11
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