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var text = "pgPag.append('<li><a title=\"' + __('First') + '\" href=\"#\">&lt;&lt;</a></li>');            pgPag.append('<li><a title=\"' + __('Previous') + '\" href=\"#\">&lt;</a></li>');  pgPag.append('<li><label>&nbsp;' + __('Page') + '&nbsp;</label><input type=\"text\" size=\"1\" /><label>&nbsp;</label></li>');           pgPag.append('<li><a title=\"' + __('Next') + '\" href=\"#\">&gt;</a></li>');            pgPag.append('<li><a title=\"' + __('Last') + '\" href=\"#\">&gt;&gt;</a></li>');";
var exp = '(?:(\'[a-z]*\'))';
var re = new RegExp(exp,["img"]);
var match = re.exec(text);

Now how can I print string that starts like "__(" eg. "First","Previous","Page" With the above code I can get only the first string i.e "First" and not the remaining strings.

Required Output :

First Previous Page Next Last

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For starters, re.exec() returns an array but you are treating it like a string. –  ridgerunner Oct 6 '11 at 19:11

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There are two problems:

One: The second argument to new RegExp(exp,["img"]); needs to be a string, not an array. Therefore:

var re = new RegExp(exp, "img");

is what you are after. Or, better yet:

var re = /(?:('[a-z]*'))/img // This is a regular expression literal

Two: Like Mike said: use text.match(re) in order to get an array of matches from the whole string. re.exec will only give you one match at a time.

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Instead of

var match = re.exec(text);


var matches = text.match(re);
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