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I have a stored procedure with a table input. I want to somehow loop through the rows of that table. I'm not sure how you do this sort of thing in SQL.

Here is what I am trying to do, in pseudo-SQL:

    ChangedPuzzles table(
      OldDifficulty nvarchar(50),
      OldIndex int,
      NewDifficulty nvarchar(50),
      NewIndex int
FOREACH Row IN ChangedPuzzles 
   UPDATE Puzzles
    SET Index = Row.NewIndex,
        Difficulty = Row.NewDifficulty
    WHERE Index = Row.OldIndex AND
          Difficulty = Row.OldDifficulty

This, of course, is not valid SQL. How can I write a query with the desired functionality in SQL?

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I think it is usually better to take a set-based approach inside of SQL instead of a procedural, line-by-line solution. I believe a JOIN would work in your situation:

    Index = cp.NewIndex,
    Difficulty = cp.NewDifficulty
    Puzzles p JOIN
    ChangedPuzzles cp ON cp.OldIndex = p.Index AND cp.OldDifficulty = p.Difficulty
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You can do that via an "Update-From" query:

SET a.Index = b.NewIndex,
    a.Difficulty = b.NewDifficulty
FROM Puzzles a
JOIN ChangedPuzzles b ON a.Index = b.OldIndex AND a.Difficulty = b.OldDifficulty
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Can't you just do:

UPDATE Puzzles
  Index = cp.NewIndex,
  Difficulty = cp.NewDifficulty
FROM ChangedPuzzles cp
WHERE Index = cp.OldIndex
AND Difficulty = cp.OldDifficulty

(It's been a couple months since I've gotten into SQL, so apologies if the syntax is off)

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I might be missing something, but doesn't this accomplish that?:

UPDATE  Puzzles
SET     Puzzles.[Index] = ChangesPuzzles.NewIndex, 
        Puzzles.Difficulty = ChangedPuzzles.NewDifficulty 
FROM    ChangedPuzzles
WHERE   Puzzles.[Index] = ChangedPuzzles.OldIndex AND Puzzles.Difficulty = ChangesPuzzles.OldDifficulty
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You could use table-valued parameters (new in SQL Server 2008):

CREATE TYPE dbo.ChangedPuzzles AS TABLE
      OldDifficulty NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
      OldIndex INT NOT NULL,
      NewDifficulty NVARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
      NewIndex INT NOT NULL,
      PRIMARY KEY(OldIndex, OldDifficulty)

CREATE PROCEDURE dbo.RearrangePuzzles
@Source dbo.ChangedPuzzles READONLY

UPDATE  Puzzles
SET     Index = src.NewIndex,
    Difficulty = src.NewDifficulty
FROM    Puzzles p
INNER JOIN @Source src ON p.Index = src.OldIndex
AND p.Difficulty = src.OldDifficulty;

DECLARE @p dbo.ChangedPuzzles;
INSERT @p VALUES (10,1,11,11), (20,2,22,12);

EXECUTE dbo.RearrangePuzzles @p;
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