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I want to split a string with multiple delimeters using Excel VBA. One of the strings is:

d1-d2 d3 d4  

We have a dash and a space as two delimeters. I tried the split function but it only does it with one delimeter.

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You could first do a REPLACE on the string first and then do the split:

newString = Replace(origString, "-", " ")
newArray = SPlit(newString, " ")
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in which case you could do

    newString = Replace(origString, "-", " ")
    newString2 = replace(newstring, "  " , " ")
    newArray = SPlit(newString, " ")
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The previous answer is good, but will cause you to have trouble if there are back to back characters to be split on that are in the String, such as splitting "Hello, Sir! How are you doing, today?" on all punctuation and spaces. In this case, you would get a blank string between Hello and Sir.

To handle this scenario Chip Pearson provides a great VBA function for use:

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