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Trying to change values in a text file using sed in a bash script with the line,

sed 's/draw($prev_number;n_)/draw($number;n_)/g' file.txt > tmp

This will be in a for loop. Not sure why it's not working. Any suggestions?

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Variables inside ' don't get substituted in bash. To get string substitution (or interpolation, if you're familiar with perl) you would need to change it to use double quotes " instead of the single quotes:

sed "s/draw($prev_number;n_)/draw($number;n_)/g" file.txt > tmp

Also, unless you need it in a different file you can use the -i flag to change the file in place.

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variables within single quotes are not expanded, within double quotes they are, use double quotes in this case.

sed "s/draw($prev_number;n_)/draw($number;n_)/g" file.txt > tmp

You could also make it work with eval, but dont do that!!

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Thanks that worked. Would you mind explaining what you mean by expanded? My intuition tells me that it should be something like, variable substituted. Also why not use eval? –  csta Oct 7 '11 at 12:52
sed "s/draw($prev_number;n_)/draw($number;n_)/g" 

would this work?

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