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Question Completed and couldn't delete post.

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what is line 70 in main? my guess it that the file is not properly formatted –  ratchet freak Oct 6 '11 at 21:49

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I'm guessing it's because you have:

 while (inputFile.hasNext())

Use Scanner.hasNextLine.


I tested your code with your sample input. I see what you mean now.

while ( inputFile.hasNextLine() ) {
            employeeID = inputFile.nextLine(); // Read info from first line and store it in employeeID
            employeeName = inputFile.nextLine(); // Read info from next line and store it in employeeName

            userInput = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Employee Name: " + employeeName + "\nEnter number of" + // display employee name and ask for number of hours worked
            " hours worked:" );

            hours = Double.parseDouble( userInput ); // Store user's parsed input into hours
            wageRate = inputFile.nextDouble(); // Read info from next line and store it in wageRate
            taxRate = inputFile.nextDouble(); // Read info from next line and store it in taxRate

Using hasNextLine as your condition will only ensure that the next call to nextLine will be valid. But, your calling nextLine twice, and then calling nextDouble after that. You can either (1) ensure that the calls your making match up with the file exactly, or (2) check that there is a next token every time you call next. I think (1) is your problem.

I was able to fix your program with the following:

while ( inputFile.hasNextLine() ) {
    employeeID = inputFile.nextLine();
    employeeName = inputFile.nextLine();
    userInput = JOptionPane.showInputDialog( "Employee Name: " + employeeName + "\nEnter number of hours worked:" );
    hours = Double.parseDouble( userInput );
    wageRate = Double.parseDouble(inputFile.nextLine());
    taxRate = Double.parseDouble(inputFile.nextLine());
    Paycheck paycheck = new Paycheck( employeeID, employeeName, wageRate, taxRate, hours );
    JOptionPane.showMessageDialog( null, "Employee ID: " + 
            paycheck.getEmployeeID() + "\nName: " + 
            paycheck.getEmployeeName() + "\nHours Worked: " + 
            hours + "\nWage Rate: $" + 
            money.format( paycheck.getWageRate() ) + "\nGross Pay: $" + 
            money.format( paycheck.getGrossPay() ) + "\nTax Rate: " + 
            paycheck.getTaxRate() + "\nTax Withheld: $" + 
            money.format( paycheck.getTaxWithheld() ) + "\nNet Pay: $" + 
            money.format( paycheck.getNetPay() ) );

The file contents:

John Doe
Mary Brown
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I'm checking to see if inputFile, which is an instance I created of the Scanner class, has a next line of a .txt document. I don't understand what you are asking of me. It reads in everything fine, but when there is o more information to read, it crashes. –  Leon Oct 6 '11 at 21:45
You are using hasNext(), and then you call nextLine() twice. So eventually you will get a "java.util.NoSuchElementException: No line found". This two methods have diferent delimiters. You are reading line by line, so check for new lines. –  DarkByte Oct 6 '11 at 21:53
The only problem is that I have data like this: (Line 1) 00135 (Line 2) John Doe (Line 3) 10.50 (Line 4) 0.20 (Line 5) empty (Line 6) 00179 (Line 7) Mary Brown etc.. If I call <nextLine()> once, on my 2nd loop it shows the employee's ID as the name in my <JOptionPane.showMessageDialog>. If I call <nextLine()> twice, it shows the employee's name correctly in the JOptionPane, but then I get the error –  Leon Oct 6 '11 at 21:58
@Lee in fact you're almost certainly going to always get this error unless you fix your logic in regards to reading lines. Even if you make the change suggested by DarkByte, you're going to check for a line in the file once, and then read multiple files. (Which will give you the error you're seeing). What I think you "mean" to be doing is (in pseudo code) while(file.hasNextLine()){ //read a word, and then another word, and so on} which isn't exactly what you're doing. What you should likely do is check for a line, read the line, and parse it in some other method. –  Kevek Oct 6 '11 at 22:00
Actually tried hasNextLine(). Same problem... –  Leon Oct 6 '11 at 22:18

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