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After a hard reset of my laptop that freezed after a git commit, I have the following error when I enter any command on my git repository:

$ git status 
fatal: failed to read object de02e6d5cd7823ea788429a33583bede09221163: Invalid argument

Is there anyway to recover my git repository?

I did not find a solution from the two following questions:

EDIT: I did not found what caused the corruption of my git repository nor any solution to restore it... I finally started over a new clone from my SVN repository!

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The first step here is to check your filesystems. That error is strange. Did you fsck or whatever your OS has for that? And do a BACKUP before you do anything else. –  Mat Oct 6 '11 at 21:40

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For me, none of the above answers worked. I just re-cloned my git repo and all was well. Before cloning, I opened up all the files that were changed and just overwrote them after the pull.

That's why you should commit often :).

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Did you push your repository to anywhere like github or bitbucket recently? You could get another clone and copy the objects directory.


See how many of these run:

git fsck
git branch -a
git branch -a | xargs -n 1 git log -1 
git reflog

With the reflog, see which one of those you can do a successful log from. hopefully it's just your latest commit that's corrupt or one of it's trees.

Hope this helps

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Sure I could start over a new clone, hopefully I am not too far from my svn trunk (my local repo is a git-svn clone). But I was wondering if this kind of issue can be recovered and what was the origin of it to avoid reproducing it in the future. –  greydet Oct 9 '11 at 10:26

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