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My App makes a request through a TTURLRequestModel for a weekly set of images. When app launches for the first time, this request goes through successfully and gets a response back successfully.

When app is closed and relaunched, applicationDidBecomeActive method posts a notification to update the weekly list and makes a request through that same TTURLRequestModel. Only this time, you can see the the request is sent successfully but requestDidFinishLoad never gets called. I have requestDidFailLoadWithError implemented, and tested that the request gets started.

In the view controller, the init method allocates the model and assigns delegates.

photoListData = [[PhotoListDataModel alloc] init];
[[photoListData delegates] addObject:self];

The method that listens for the notification makes the request:

[photoListData cancel];
[photoListData load:TTURLRequestCachePolicyNoCache more:NO];

Any insight on what may be causing this behavior will be helpful! Thanks in advance!

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After some more debugging, i managed to produce this error . I Realized that I forgot to call [super viewDidAppear:animated] on my viewcontroller. Not entirely, sure if and how this might have fixed this issue, but I am getting a response back now for my load request. Any insight on this mystery will still be appreciated though! –  subathra Oct 18 '11 at 21:11

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