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save as dialog in asp.net

i need to use SaveFileDialog in asp.net to save TextFile in Client PC. how can i do that ? i don't want to upload to server then download. i need to save in Client Pc Directly . Is there an alternative Control in asp.net

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Could someone explain the downvote here? It appears the OP is not familiar with the framework; in which case, this would be a perfectly reasonable question for someone to ask. –  IDWMaster Oct 6 '11 at 22:30

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You could use Silverlight or Flash. However, in a web browser, it is NOT possible to run C#/ASP.NET code directly on the client. Keep in mind that your ASP.NET code runs on the server, not the client. The only way to save a file to the client PC would be to either use Silverlight/Flash (which both have equivalent controls), or require the client to download the file from the server.

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