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When I put @user.dreams in my view, I get:

[# Dream id: 3, content: "My Dream", user_id: 2, created_at: "2011-10-06 21:58:50", updated_at: "2011-10-06 21:58:50">]

Now I want to print out JUST the content: data from this row. But when I put:

@user.dreams.content or @user.content

I get the "undefined method `content' error.

@user.id correctly prints out "2".

How do I print out the "My Dream" content from this row?

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if dreams is an association on user then you would need to do


or iterate through @user.dreams


<% @user.dreams.each do |dream| %>
 <%= dream.content %>
<% end %>
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The dreams call is returning an ActiveRecord::Relation object because it's a collection of objects. If you want all the content for all the dreams you will have to treat it like an array:


Also, @user.content won't work because content is an attribute on a Dream object, not a User object.

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