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I am trying to extract some information from pdf. I am trying to use getpdftext.pl from the CAM::PDF module. When I just run $~ getpdftext.pl sample.pdf, it produces a text of the pdf to stdout.

But I am thinking of writing this to a textfile and parse for required fields in perl. Can someone please guide me on how to do this?

But when I try to call pdftotext.pl inside my perl script I am getting a No such file error.

#program to extract text from pdf and save it in a text file

use PDF;

use CAM::PDF;

use CAM::PDF::PageText;

use warnings;

use IPC::System::Simple qw(system capture);

$filein = 'sample.pdf';                                                                   
$fileout = 'output1.txt';  

open OUT, ">$fileout" or die "error: $!";

open IN, "getpdftext.pl $filein" or die "error :$!" ;

    print OUT $fileout;
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It would probably be easier to make getpdftext.pl to do what you want.

Working with the code from getpdftext.pl, this (untested code) should output the pdf to a text file.

my $filein = 'sample.pdf';                                                                   
my $fileout = 'output1.txt';  

my $doc = CAM::PDF->new($filein) || die "$CAM::PDF::errstr\n";
open my $fo, '>', $fileout or die "error: $!";

foreach my $p ( 1 .. $doc->numPages() ) {
    my $str = $doc->getPageText($p);
    if (defined $str) {
       print $fo $str;

close $fo;
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thanks a lot AFresh –  sandyutd Oct 6 '11 at 22:42
You're welcome. You can also just work directly with the text instead of printing it to a file if you would prefer. Possibly by changing open my $fo ... to my $docstr = ''; and print $fo $str; to $docstr .= $str; and working with it instead of close $fo;. –  AFresh1 Oct 6 '11 at 22:58

See perldoc -f open. You want to take the output stream of an external command and use it as an input stream inside your Perl script. That's what the -| mode is for:

open my $IN, '-|', "getpdftext.pl $filein" or die $!;
while (<$IN>) {
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thanks mob, -| option helped –  sandyutd Oct 10 '11 at 18:03

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