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Im using this code to get AudioFocus and it works ok with
Android Music app ( the one preinstalled )

int result = audioManager.requestAudioFocus(meService, AudioManager.STREAM_MUSIC,AudioManager.AUDIOFOCUS_GAIN_TRANSIENT);    

However when i release it with this code


The Android Music app ( the one preinstalled ) does not continue playing.

but Android Music app is not lowering the volume enough.

Any ides why Android Music app is not resuming playback?

im using api8 and using the onAudioFocusChange

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after trying 4 players non of them are DUCKing. This is bad behavior from there part. Guess we have to live with this –  Erik Oct 7 '11 at 10:23

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You should release it in MediaPlay.onCompleteListener(){}

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This should be a comment to the OP question as it does not atempt to answer it –  Yaroslav Oct 6 '12 at 13:46
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After trying 4 players non of them are ducking. I might be doing something wrong and would like to see that. I answer my own question that we have to live with this.

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Hi Erik, Have you got solution for this ? –  Jignesh Ansodariya Jul 3 at 12:43

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