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I'm using the tinytable table sorting script.

See example at

It's a very basic script about 2.5kb. To use the script we do sorter.init("table",1); where table is the table id and 1 is the initial column to be sorted. This works great but initial column is sorted in asc order. There is not option to make it initially sort in descending order. I tried to look into the js file but couldn't figure it out. What do i need to do to make it the initial column sort in desc order.

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One line of the script reads return g>h?1:(g<h?-1:0).

Change it to return g<h?1:(g>h?-1:0) and you should be done.


If you click on the Name cell of the intial column, it also sort in descending order.

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GREAT!!. It works. Thank you. – Pinkie Oct 7 '11 at 0:07

I am working on this and to sort the table in a descending order just change the sort direction to be -1

    sortcolumn:0, // sort column 1
    sortdir:-1, // sort direction either 1 asc or -1 desc
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