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i have tried the below way to execute the commands in administrator mode.

PS>start-process powershell -verb runas $app = Get-AppxPackage -all| Where-Object{$_.Name-like "*$ReleaseName*"}

PS>start-process powershell -verb runas Remove-AppxPackage $app.PackageFullName

  • for the first call, it opens and executes the command successfully and closes the admin powershell instance. for the second call it requires $app information which is not available because it again opens a new PS admin window
  • i can't execute Get-AppxPackage -all in normal mode -all requires admin mode only

tried the below but no luck.

PS>start-process powershell -verb runas 

$app = Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object{$_.Name-like "*$ReleaseName*"};

Remove-AppxPackage $app.PackageFullName


can someone suggest me how to execute set of instructions like above in powershell elevated mode?

thanks in advance

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The obvious way:

Open Powershell console in "elevated mode" -> Right click shortcut / exe and click Run as Administrator. Or in start menu, type Powershell and hit CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER

Then run the commands from this.

Or you can have the commands in a script (.ps1 file) and invoke that script:

start-process powershell -verb runas -argument script.ps1

I would also like to mention that in yout commands, you don't have to store it in $app, you can use something like:

Get-AppxPackage -all| Where-Object{$_.Name-like "$ReleaseName"} | Remove-AppxPackage
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