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We are in the process of re-writing legacy code, but currently I am wondering how to test code-behind methods.


  1. No aspx controls are used.
  2. In fact code-behind reads html file, fills data from the database and writes the final html to the response.

I understand code-behind methods are testable, but how? Any tools? Can you provide some reference please? Thanks.

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Bacisally code-behind should not contains any heavy logic. Code behind should be aware of UI controls initialization, updating UI by handling events and so on.

I would suggest extracting functional units into separate classes and then just test these classes itself. In you case I see at least two standalone and abstracted functional units:

  1. Data Access Layer
  2. HTML Writer

If you are looking for testing UI behavioud you can use specisl frameworks like WatiN:

Inspired by Watir development of WatiN started in December 2005 to make a similar kind of Web Application Testing possible for the .Net languages. Since then WatiN has grown into an easy to use, feature rich and stable framework. WatiN is developed in C# and aims to bring you an easy way to automate your tests with Internet Explorer and FireFox using .Net

EDIT: Answer to comments

  • Generally data access helpers and services are located in a separate assembly and abstracted by interfaces so easily could be substituted and tested
  • I like the approach when each project has own separate tests project, basically if you will stick with separate project DataAccessLayer - all related tests would be great to place in the separate DataAccessLayer.Tests project
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Since I am dealing with an existing website, do you have any suggestions how to organize those separate classes (move to APP_CODE or separate DLLs)? Also, where do my Test classes stay? Thanks. – Sh Ale Oct 7 '11 at 17:15
@user259760 : see EDIt part of my answer – sll Oct 7 '11 at 18:28

I think you should have a look at MVP (Model-View-Presenter) pattern for ASP.NET Web Forms. I am also in the process of rewriting a web site which did not use MVP.

Here are a few links:

I hope this will help you. Also, if you get a chance to read Dino Esposito's Programming Microsoft ASP.NET 4 you will find a nice chapter that explains MVP in details.

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As I mentioned we are in the process of rewriting. That's going to take a while, in the mean time we want to start testing framework integrated with existing website. Do you have any other thoughts (since you are also in the same state)? Thanks. – Sh Ale Oct 7 '11 at 17:35

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