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i am using a webview to load some content in one activity, and then in another activity i would like to reuse this same view. But when i try to reuse it, the content from the previous activity is still inside of the webview and the content never loads. How do i get around this to reuse the webview?

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you need to reuse the android layout.xml which contain webview ,or you need the same layout loaded in one activity need to used in other without setting any new content in that activity –  Karthi Oct 7 '11 at 6:28
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Try to use WebView.clearView() or WebView.reload() in onStart() of your activities

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Views were not designed to be shared between activities. Why do you need to use the same webview in two activities? Why can't each activity have it's own view?

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Well, that's totally rubbish idea! Whatever happened to OO development? Android is written in JAVA after all - I know why - Android is all about why write 5 lines of code when you can write 500 lines of code and introduce loads more overhead in terms of app size, coding time and increase potential for bugs! –  jamesw Dec 3 '11 at 9:42
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