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im migrating a mysql database to mongodb. But i have read in MongoDb data types and then there is no reference to floating point types like, float, double, decimal. And how i have some fields with decimal types in my sql schema , how can i do or what can i do? Any sugestions?


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MongoDB stores data in a binary format called BSON which supports these numeric data types:

  • int32 - 4 bytes (32-bit signed integer)
  • int64 - 8 bytes (64-bit signed integer)
  • double - 8 bytes (64-bit IEEE 754 floating point)

There's no exact value fixed-point equivalent to mySQL's decimal type in MongoDB, but you can store 64-bit floating point numbers in Mongo as a double.

It's worth mentioning that the MongoDB shell - being a JavaScript shell - doesn't recognise the distinction between integer and floating-point values, it treats all numbers the same because JavaScript represents all numbers as 64-bit floating point, regardless of their underlying BSON type.

Most MongoDB language drivers, however, make the distinction between integer and floating point types.

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The fact that it is IEEE 754 floating point is very important to people who value reproducible computing. Surprisingly even Matlab does not support this! –  meawoppl Nov 20 '12 at 2:45

It has, Introduction

A value is a

  • basic type like string, integer, float, timestamp, binary, etc.,
  • a document, or
  • an array of values
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MongoDB does support storing doubles, but not all drivers provide an interface to them for some reason.

From http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/Data+Types+and+Conventions -

Mongo uses special data types in addition to the basic JSON types of string, integer, boolean, double, null, array, and object.

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Actually every number in MongoDB is a 64-bit floating point number. The problem arises from the Javascript shell not being able to represent some floating point values. You shouldn't have any problem converting your float, doubles or decimals into numbers in Mongo.

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