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Grails M2 version

In my plugin views I reference images from my plugin in my gsp's like

${resource(dir: '/images/checklist', file: 'subscribe.png', plugin:'mypluginname')}

The directory /images/checklist is in the web-apps directory.

When I run this, the filename used for the resource is


So where is the /static/ coming from? It doesn't find the image. If I ping the web server without the /static it works fine.

I don't think the static should be there. Am I right?

I also tried it with a relative path for the directory as

${resource(dir: 'images/checklist', file: 'subscribe.png', plugin:'mypluginname')}

That didn't work either.

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Can fix this in Config.groovy by setting: grails.resources.adhoc.patterns = []


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By default the Resources plugin serves the modified static resources from URIs beginning with /static/.

You can change this by assigning a value to grails.resources.uri.prefix


grails.resources.uri.prefix = ''

Reference: http://grails-plugins.github.io/grails-resources/guide/9.%20Configuration.html

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