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I'll start off by saying I'm a newbie, just putting that out there. How do you make a turn by turn multiplayer flash game? I don't know if an engine is made in AS3, PHP, Javascript, or whatever, so please help me out. I made my game already, it's just that it isn't multiplayer yet. Basically, there are lines, and each player crosses out a number of lines, and the last player to cross out a line is the loser. I want it where one user crosses out some lines, then presses End Turn, then the other does their turn and then presses End Turn to allow the other player to move his cursor. But how can I get both players to see the same frame and only have one player have the ability to move the cursor during a turn? Is there some easily adaptable multiplayer engine for flash for newbies out there? Could you point me to a URL, or at least tell me where I can find a tutorial on how to make one? Thanks for helping, I really appreciate it. Hopefully I don't sound too ignorant :)

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Your question suggests that you want the game to be played in multiple clients (not two people sitting next to each other at one computer). For this to happen you need to set up a server that handles the game between two (or more) clients.

Unfortunately the scope of the answer is far too large to tackle in a Stack Overflow answer, but the basic gist is that you have to set up a server that the Flash will talk to. Most likely you will use a database to store game information and you'll need an engine written in Perl, or PHP, or maybe even Javascript (if you use Node.js) to receive and send messages from the game clients.

If you can figure it out, Flash supports Sockets, which allows you to push messages down to the client, rather than having the client sitting around polling for news every so often.

There are probably out of the box iRC (internet relay chat) servers that are designed specifically for this that you can google and find. Or perhaps someone else will chime in with a suggestion.

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thanks for helping! –  Matt Oct 7 '11 at 4:05

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