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I'm running OSX Leopard 10.5.8. Apache is working. Mono framework 2.10 has been installed and is working. XCode has been installed and is working. The mod_mono source code 2.10 has been downloaded and detarred.

I need a step-by-step-by-step procedure for installing mod_mono, then configuring it for Apache.

I have some technical expertise.

Thanx in advance for any replies,


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Whenever I set up a mono web server on a Linux box, I follow this guide: How to get ASP.NET MVC 2 working with Mono in 10 Steps

It looks like there are also ports available for xsp and mod_mono on MacPorts, but they're pretty outdated: mono on MacPorts

The first link should get you on your way. You'll just have to iron out any differences in the compilation steps.

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