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I am designing Railway reservation system. I am having below tables.

StationTable(Contails all the stations to which i can provide the railway service.)

<TrainNumber>-> PrimaryKey
<SourceStationID>->FK StationTable(<StationID>)
<DestinationStationID>->FK StationTable(<StationID>)

Passenger is identified by TicketID

    <TicketID>->Primary key

As one passenger can book ticket for many trains. Their is many to many relation between TicketID and TrainID.

PassengerTrainTable -> FK PassengerTable() -> FK TrainTable()

I am unable to relate to No of seats in a train and the status. How can i relate those in relation with current table or how can i go with new tables.

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@Hohhi:- Thankq –  Shine Oct 7 '11 at 8:51

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Many-to-many relationships are solved with the help of an extra table. In this case the ticket sale table is natural to your domain. Seethe sample here

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