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I am making an app in which i am getting a string as response from server side. that response is encoded in json. Now my problem is How to do json parsing of the encoded response from server side to decode it.. I am geting the following response from server


It is in the form of an array.I want to decde it and display as textviws in my another activity. I am using the following code:

                          HttpClient client = new DefaultHttpClient();
                String getURL =      "http://www.ondamove.it/English/mob/profile_friends.php?email="+Login.eMailId+"";
               HttpGet get = new HttpGet(getURL);
              HttpResponse responseGet = client.execute(get);  
              HttpEntity resEntityGet = responseGet.getEntity(); 

            if (resEntityGet != null) 

            String  s = EntityUtils.toString(resEntityGet);

            JSONArray ids = new JSONArray(s);

            for(int i=0; i< ids.length(); i++){
                   System.out.println(ids[]); //print each of the   string in json array.

but it is giving me the error : The type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to JSONArray

how to resolve this issue. can anyone help me over this? thanks

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You can use JSONTokener to parse JSON documents for example:

String json = "{"
         + "  \"query\": \"Pizza\", "
         + "  \"locations\": [ 94043, 90210 ] "
         + "}";

 JSONObject object = (JSONObject) new JSONTokener(json).nextValue();
 String query = object.getString("query");
 JSONArray locations = object.getJSONArray("locations");
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How can i do this i am getting respone from server side and i waNT TO PARSE THAT –  ekjyot Oct 7 '11 at 6:55
You have to get the server response as a String object "String jsonResponseString = Sever.getResponse();" then you can parse as described above. –  hakansaglam Dec 12 '11 at 12:19

get your response as string

String jsonResponseString = Sever.getResponse();

JSONArray ids = new JSONArray(jsonResponseString);

for(int i=0; i< ids.length(); i++){
       Log.i(TAG, ids[i]); //print each of the string in json array.
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ur code is giving folowing error : The type of the expression must be an array type but it resolved to JSONArray –  ekjyot Oct 7 '11 at 6:53
the response you are getting is not json. it should start with a '{' . can you please check this out. –  Yashwanth Kumar Oct 7 '11 at 6:56
can you post the value that you are getting in String "s". i would like to see if it is json. –  Yashwanth Kumar Oct 7 '11 at 7:01
["ekjyot@emobx.com","prince6179@gmail.com","facebook_514728069"] is the value that i am getting from server side –  ekjyot Oct 7 '11 at 7:06
then it is not json. either send a valid json from the server, or use string functions to manipulate the string output. –  Yashwanth Kumar Oct 7 '11 at 7:10

GSON if you just want to keep it simple. Jackson streaming if you need raw speed.

Or you could always use the built in JSON tools -- but I'd recommend one of these other two.

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