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I installed a LDAP directory to implement SSO with our products and assess the performance.

I used PHP to create 2,000 generic users like mister1, mister2, ..., mister2000.

Now the next step is with realistic information like Bob Mclow, Steve Blop and 1998 others.

Obviously it should not be any duplication.


Do you know a method to create a large amount of fake users?

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use a service like : http://www.generatedata.com/#generator

you can define the fields here , and export your data as a file. Import that in PHP to populate your ldap directory.

P.S. - It is also available to download and run it on your own server.


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Perfect, i exported in SQL. –  GG. Oct 7 '11 at 8:09

SLAMD provides a template-based LDIF generator called makeldif that can be useful.

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